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Calling All Makers, TOM:NYC Makeathon for Disability Challenges

MakerBot is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming TOM:NYC Makeathon. This innovative gathering will connect teams of designers and engineers to people with disabilities to create groundbreaking assistive technology devices. TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers) is a global community of makers that partners with local organizations – in this case Cornell University and the NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities – to develop affordable and accessible solutions for everyday challenges.

2015 Bay Area Makeathon

The 72-hour Makeathon will take place at the cutting edge fabrication facility, New Lab in Brooklyn, on April 21st to the 23rd. Over 150 makers and need-knowers will come together in teams to design and test devices for individual use. After the event, the devices will be shared online so that users around the world can download and adapt them to their needs.

MakerBot will provide teams unlimited access to Replicator+ and Z18 3D printers in order to accelerate their design process and enable them to print functional prototypes of their assistive technology devices. Teams will be working in a limited 72 hour time frame, so harnessing 3D printing to quickly iterate their designs will help them achieve the highest quality possible for their respective need-knowers. This effort is at the heart of both MakerBot and TOM’s missions and marks the second time the two have teamed up to harness the skills of the maker community to bring powerful solutions to light.

Are you a maker interested in testing your skills alongside other teams to invent groundbreaking devices? Join us and the NYC maker community in this amazing cause, sign up for TOM:NYC today!

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